Are there part-time options for the program?

The MA in Global Risk (online) is a part-time, cohort-based program.

Am I required to take a GRE or GMAT exam?

Applicants are not required to take the GRE or GMAT to be considered for the MA in Global Risk program. See our admissions page for a full list of requirements.

What background do you want to see from someone applying to this program?

The MA in Global Risk is open to professionals from a variety of backgrounds. The most successful students are internationally minded and able to think critically. You can review our curriculum page for full course information, and feel free to contact an admissions counselor if you have any questions about whether this program is a good fit for you.

Can I apply straight from completing an undergraduate degree?

We recommend that MA in Global Risk students have at least several years of professional experience to get the most out of the program. However, Johns Hopkins SAIS considers all aspects of an applicant’s background. If you are applying with limited professional experience, we recommend highlighting any organizations and extracurricular activities you’ve participated in as well as your educational background in your personal essay and statement of purpose. Visit our admissions page for more information on requirements.

What do employment outcomes look like for this degree?

MA in Global Risk graduates will be prepared for a variety of careers that include roles in government, profit and non-profit organizations. Please visit our careers page for more information on outcomes for this program.

What support will I get from career services?

The Johns Hopkins SAIS offers career services to all students and alumni, whether they take classes online or on-campus. These services include coaching, tailored job searches and exclusive networking opportunities. Visit our global risk careers page for a full overview of the services available.

Will I be required to attend any part of the program in person?

The program features two on-campus experiences. The first is a week-long residency that offers the opportunity to connect with your peers and faculty at the school’s main campus in Washington DC. The second is a three-day experience that includes your capstone project presentation as well as the opportunity to participate in commencement with the entire Johns Hopkins SAIS graduating class.

View our residency experience page for more information.

I am an international student. Will I need a visa for the in-person residences?

Yes, all international students must obtain an F-1 visa before they attend each residency. This visa will only be valid for the duration of the individual residency — not for the length of the degree program.

Visit our international students page for more information about obtaining this visa, including how the Office of International Services assists students with this process.

Can I get an application fee waiver?

The school offers application fee waivers to participants or alumni affiliated with the following professional development programs:

In order to receive a fee waiver, you must submit an official document confirming your participation in the appropriate program to We will waive the fee once the paperwork is received by our office and your application has been submitted. Unfortunately, we do not grant fee waivers for financial hardship.

For any questions or concerns regarding the application process, please contact an admissions counselor at or call +1 888-513-5303.

Are there scholarship/financial aid opportunities?

Students enrolled in the MA in Global Risk (online) program are eligible for financial aid. Our FAFSA code is E00474. We also recommend that you talk with your employer about tuition reimbursement opportunities.

Visit our financial aid office website for more information on scholarships and other options for financial assistance.

Is the School of Advanced International Studies participating in the Yellow Ribbon Program?

Yes. For more information, please visit or call +1 (877) 419-5131.

Can I get a TOEFL/IELTS waiver?

For applicants whose primary language is not English, most will need to submit English competency exam scores. However, waivers are available for students who graduated with an undergraduate degree where English is the language of instruction and the accredited institution is located in a country where English is an official language. Visit our admissions page for more information.

How do grades appear on a transcript?

Transcripts display grades by Academic Period (Fall, Spring, and Summer). Each grade corresponds to a numerical grade point equivalent to allow the computation of a grade point average. S and U grades have no effect on grade point average. The grades and their grade point equivalents are as follows:

Grade Description GPA Value Credit Earned
A Outstanding 4.0 Yes
A- Excellent 3.7 Yes
B+ Very good 3.33 Yes
B- Good 3.0 Yes
C+ Low pass 2.33 Yes
C Minimal pass 2.0 Yes
D Failure (also used when an Incomplete grade has not been resolved by the deadline) 0.00 No
F Administrative failure (result of an Honor Code violation or when unfulfilled financial or academic obligations exist on non-degree student records) 0.0 No
S Satisfactory completion of an offering N/A No
U Unsatisfactory (D+ and below) N/A No
MT Multi-term course N/A No
EX Extension granted N/A No
X Grade not yet submitted N/A No
MR Missing roster N/A No
I Incomplete N/A No
W Withdrawal N/A No
W/AU Withdrawal from an audit N/A No
AU Audit N/A No
HP High pass for Pre-Term N/A No
P Pass for Pre-Term and Non-Credit Professional Skills N/A No
NP No Pass for Non-Credit Professional Skills N/A No

For additional information, download the Johns Hopkins SAIS Student and Academic Handbook here.

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