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MA in Global Risk

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Develop expertise and advance your career in global risk with the Johns Hopkins SAIS MA in Global Risk (online) program. Our students gain a comprehensive understanding of economic and geopolitical risk, develop cutting-edge analytical skills, and join a dynamic international network of accomplished professionals.

The program harnesses the renowned expertise of the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), recognized globally for its leadership in economics, trade and finance, international relations, regional studies, and politics. This knowledge is channeled into the rapidly evolving landscape of global risk, equipping students with the skills to anticipate and manage the emerging challenges that companies, NGOs, governments, and international organizations face.

By covering qualitative and quantitative risk management tools with critical thinking, regional insights, and advanced research skills, the MA in Global Risk (online) prepares students to lead in the field, not just participate. Our graduates are ready to tackle complex risk scenarios and drive effective mitigation strategies, making them highly valuable to most organizations.

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Since the global financial crisis of 2008, the world has been in constant flux, seeing heightened geopolitical and geoeconomic tensions. This makes world events hard to predict and complicates the environment in which companies do business and governments make policy. The master’s in global risk will help you take advantage of the insights available from economics, history, and political science, in order to better navigate the world around you and make decisions for the future.

Matthias Matthijs

Matthias Matthijs
Dean Acheson Associate Professor of International Political Economy and Program Director of the Master of Arts in Global Risk Degree at SAIS

Comprehensive risk analysis capabilities: MA in Global Risk (online) graduates excel in analyzing a wide range of risk aspects, including economic, geopolitical, environmental, military, cybersecurity, and more.

Gain global expertise with a regional focus: Students explore four global regions over the course of their degree program and select one for in-depth specialization during their capstone, which will enhance their professional portfolio with regional proficiency.

Designed for working professionals: Our students are highly capable, busy professionals, and we meet their needs by offering a part-time format with on-demand lectures that accommodate their schedules.

A rigorous curriculum that builds resilience: The program’s in-depth coursework sharpens adaptability and students’ responsiveness to global changes.

Network building cohort-approach: This format creates lasting professional connections, enriching the learning experience and future career opportunities.

Two in-person residences: All students attend residencies at the Johns Hopkins SAIS campus in Washington DC where they meet their classmates as well as connect with our expert faculty and leading practitioners in the global risk field.


Global Risk Management Career

Risk management and analysis, a decades-old formal discipline, has increased dramatically in complexity. Today's organizations face diverse and dynamic risks, from interconnected global supply chains to rapidly shifting geopolitical alliances to natural disasters. These employers want professionals who are equipped with innovative strategies and the deep knowledge needed to navigate these challenges effectively.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects much higher than average growth for many positions in which risk management is a core duty, including financial managers (16% growth through 2028), operations research analysts (26%), and management analysts (14%). Furthermore, there were more than 220,000 unique job postings that called for risk management skills, according to the labor database Lightcast, which analyzes real-time occupational data. 1

Our risk management master's students come from a variety of disciplines — including finance, consulting, government, NGOs, information security, crisis management, artificial intelligence, and business development. The skills gained and the network built at Johns Hopkins SAIS will help you to elevate your career.

1 Lightcast™,, 2023"
2 Gartner, “Gartner Forecasts Global Security and Risk Management Spending to Grow 14% in 2024"
$215 billion
worldwide end-user spending on security and risk management2

Many organizations have yet to capitalize on new tools and approaches that could help them systematically identify and assess risks as they develop protection and mitigation strategies. The most effective organizations will approach these challenges holistically, involving leaders throughout the organization to provide their unique viewpoint and expertise and then applying sector-specific data and predictive analytics to support the decisions they make. This is an opportunity for more risk managers to lead an evolution toward truly addressing risk at the enterprise level.

Greg Case
President and CEO at Aon


MA in Global Risk Program

Abrupt changes and far-reaching impacts are inherent features of the global risk field. Succeeding in this arena requires a keen ability to adapt quickly and maintain resilience. Our degree program is designed to foster these skills through a challenging yet rewarding curriculum.

While the MA in Global Risk (online) is rigorous, it is meant to fit the schedules of busy professionals. Most of our students work full-time while completing the degree. The program has one fall start each year and all students complete the coursework in 21 months.

Key areas of study include:

  • Global economics, international trade, and finance
  • Approaches and frameworks for understanding risk
  • Adapting risk management strategies in dynamic environments
  • Primary risk management challenges and opportunities in different areas of the world

For a full course list, download the MA in Global Risk program brochure.

Learn from the best

Our Faculty


Our faculty are award-winning academics, scholars, practitioners, and thought leaders who have worked as senior advisors in government organizations, consultants for multinational companies and are widely published in their fields. They are experts in policy advising, project management, international trade and finance. Our students gain insights from our expert faculty both online and in-person during the two residency components of the program.

The School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University fosters a culture focused on collaboration, supporting each other,and challenging each other to continuously improve. All students, both online and on-campus, have opportunities to participate and build on that culture as members of the community.

Rigorous & Rewarding



The global risk management curriculum is structured to build your expertise in risk modeling and your ability to look at risk holistically. It all begins with a mathematics and statistics course to ensure all students have a solid foundation for data analysis, which will serve them well throughout the degree. From there, the coursework progresses sequentially, allowing students to smoothly advance from basic principles in risk analysis to more advanced skills.

The coursework blends practical analysis with knowledge of the latest risk management theories, while challenging students to critically analyze methodologies behind research and policy.

This program is an excellent fit for working professionals who want to develop their skills in areas like:

  • Understanding the major sources of risk that characterize the history of international affairs
  • Examining the methodological problems associated with the analysis of risk and uncertainty
  • Analyzing the different theoretical approaches to managing risk in economic decision making
  • Gaining in-depth insight into the major sources of risk that develop in the realm of elections, political parties, policies and social movements at the national and sub-national levels
  • Developing specific expertise in a particular market, international organization, or region of the world.

To see a full list of courses, download our program brochure.


Johns Hopkins SAIS

For 75 years, students have come to the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) to build their professional networks, learn from renowned faculty, train with policy practitioners and gain hands-on work experience.

Today, guided by the vision of its founders, the school’s cadre of expert faculty prepares students for exciting careers across sectors and around the world. With a global alumni network of more than 20,000 graduates, you can be sure to find our alumni taking action in dynamic roles. From private-sector executives to entrepreneurs, leaders of nongovernmental organizations to ambassadors, and international media correspondents to energy consultants, alumni of the school are known for being innovative thinkers and problem-solvers with the economic and policy expertise to address today’s most pressing challenges.

School Rankings

Rankings and Accreditation

U.S. News & World Report recognizes Johns Hopkins for its commitment to student success, excellent student social mobility, faculty as well as its reputation among leaders at other universities.

U.S. News ranks Johns Hopkins as a top-10 national university as well as top-10 in most innovative schools in the country. Some other key rankings include:

Best Global Universities, U.S. News & World Report
Best Value Schools, U.S. News & World Report
Best Graduate Programs for International Relations, Foreign Policy Magazine

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